Sherlock Holmes

It’s snappy, it’s fast, it’s like being in Sherlock’s head. The camera is constantly moving, like Sherlock, it wants to capture every detail. And there is a lot of detail on these elaborate sets. We’re constantly being zoomed in and out. Closing up on tiny but significant clues. This  helps you follow the movie, always […]

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Star Trek Into Darkness

Making a science fiction film, you obviously want to be taking people somewhere new. Making a Star Trek film, you obviously want to respect what has already been made… It’s such a fine line to be walking. I love how period films can completely absorb you in a different era. Most period films, however, are […]

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Fight Club

Admittedly, I watched half of this film through my fingers, because, maaan, it’s graphic. I know it’s all fake blood and makeup, but watching somebody pull out his own tooth is still distressing, and I’m sure David Fincher wanted us to feel this way. Anyway, this is what I got from what I could watch… […]

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Fantastic Mr. Fox

This adaptation of Mr. Fox feels a little hipster in the world of CGI. There’s nothing slick and shiny about it. It’s a stop motion, loaded with texture, right down to the corduroy suits. As ever, Wes Anderson has delivered on the aesthetics, giving us may symmetrical, balanced shots. As well as immersing us in this […]

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The Big Short

The film that made us look for once. During this movie we spend most of our time inside offices. Grey, dull offices that seem to sum up bankers. The costume is 99% suits. It all starts as we expect a film about banking would.  But it is soon apparent that this isn’t just about banking. […]

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Pulp Fiction

This is 3 hours packed with dialogue, a bit too much dialogue for me. Seriously, the only way to get somebody to shut up in this film is to put a bullet in their head… which gets done often enough. I think that the constant conversation makes the film a little monotone. It’s so difficult […]

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Jurassic world

So jurassic world is full with as many bloody, carnivorous deaths as expected. And somehow, despite all the characters that get torn limb from limb in front of us, the most emotional death is a puppet. The apatosaurus, a beautifully crafted mechanical puppet. How did it connect so  much with us? It’s made to perfection, […]

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