Jurassic world

So jurassic world is full with as many bloody, carnivorous deaths as expected. And somehow, despite all the characters that get torn limb from limb in front of us, the most emotional death is a puppet.

The apatosaurus, a beautifully crafted mechanical puppet. How did it connect so  much with us?

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 21.25.02.png

It’s made to perfection, allowing us to believe it’s real. Of course we’ve never seen an apatosaurus before, but we can believe in this one because of its relationship to animals which we are familiar with. Taking inspiration from nature to detail this puppet, allow us to accept it as real. The deep wrinkles of a placid elephant, the thick skin of a rhino, we feel as though we know this animal. But, of course, the real emotional connection is within it’s eyes. That had to be crafted to perfection. Something realistic, something with depth. Having the brave close up shots on the dinosaurs, like in no movie before it, meant that the details have to be there. The directors were obviously confident with their dinosaurs, and with reason too. The movement of them is beautiful. This puppet is able to interact with the actors, reacting to their movements. The skin moves as though there are real muscles beneath it. It’s as life like as possible, even with its own breathing system. No wonder we feel for this creature, it’s as real as the actors.

Most the dinosaurs in this movie however, were not puppets. The apatosaurus was a nice nod to the craftsmanship in the previous films, but technology has come a long way since Jurassic park. There was a lot of CGI used in this film. Interestingly, the raptors were still played by actors. Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 21.20.53.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-21 at 21.20.13.png

This undoubtably would have made it easier for the actors to react to the dinosaurs. And the human raptors give the CGI artists a good reference point to build upon.



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